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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Grow and scale your business using Pay Per Click services: paid search ads, video advertising, display ads, PPC remarketing and social advertising. Pay Per Click has an immediate impact and gives your business a much larger reach and exposure …Click here and get in touch

Online Reputation Analysis and Audit

Get a comprehensive report including your reputation, presence, location data and analytics. We will crawl 200+ local search engines and directories to catch data inconsistencies…Run Free Scan Now

Facebook Marketing

A solution for anyone who needs to run, place, or track Facebook and Instagram ads. Generate qualified leads and reach you ideal clients and build your brad awareness using Facebook. Click here and get in touch

Reputation Management

 Reputation Management is aimed to boost online visibility and drive visitors to a website by assisting the reputation of your business within search monitoring, online PR, negative content filtering and removal, engagement, as well as social media content promotion…Click here and get in touch


Don’t overestimate the world and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.

Tim Ferriss


My name is Damir, I have a 400hg heavy accent and I make grammar + spelling mistakes all the drives some people nuts....I, on the other hand, I don't really care about it...whatever...

I was Born in a land of 1100 islands, beautiful Mediterranean country of Croatia with the best parents in the world..

My life for first 18 years:


Not a happy Chappy…my dada told me “Damir, if you want to go and study, go ‘n study, but if you don’t then go and work”… wise words papa bear…

So I did, I went to work.  I was confused and didn’t really know what I want to do in life but I wanted to have the best life I can possibly have so I made, I believe, a smart decision:

I’ll do whatever it pays me the most so at least if I am doing work I don’t like: I am getting paid…It worked! To the point…

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4 People – One Mission

We believe in simplicity, using the tools which are already on market, and giving you the full control of your marketing projects.

Damir Butkovic

Damir Butkovic

Strategy Guy
Tea Maherl

Tea Maherl

Javed Malik

Javed Malik

Senior Web-Designer
April Grecia

April Grecia

Allrounder Powerhouse
Damir Butkovic

Damir Butkovic

Strategy Guy
Tea Maherl

Tea Maherl

Javed Malik

Javed Malik

Senior Web-Designer
April Grecia

April Grecia

Allrounder Powerhouse

We are good at

Each completed project makes us learn more, learn more about how to get faster results on simpler way. As a result you sleep better.

Mind Reading
Marketing Strategy
Pey Per Click (PPC)
Facebook Marketing
Keeping It Simple
  • My eCommerce website: 565.41%% increase in sales in one month….

  • Instead of looking for low profile clients, I prepared myself for the biggest challenges, and in a short time I was presenting a proposal for the most famous couple of celebrities, and you know what? They signed it!!!

  •  373.72% increase in sales in 30 days….

  • Sold for $2,800.00 just from sending one email…

    Amanda & Owen
  • Damir, cannot thank you enough for making online marketing so simple and easy to learn and implement. No overwhelm or frustration. Expectations exceeded.

  • Real-estate niche – 480 leads in 60days…

  • March sales: $3,639…July sales: $63,919.28 – 175x increase in sales in six months!.

  • My team and I are ready for the challenges ahead, whatever they are.

    Platforma Spain
  • $136,000.00 in sales from my first year having eCommerce website.

  • Just picked up three new clients in the past 20 minutes. Thank you Damir Butkovic . Your guidance and systems work!! Happy dance right now! 

    Violet Jammal
  • 108 leads in 48 hours, $45,000.00 in sales one month after… 

  • Damir is very effective in brainstorming new creative ways to approach companies and clients, or deal with organizational issues. Thanks Damir! 

    Alen Ivankovic, Juicebox
  • From $90k is sales last year to $535,000.00 this year. 

  • Thanks to Damir, I have learnt new ways and ideas of handling my business, which has allowed me more time to assist and help my clients which is what I love the most!  

    Sarah Bastanis

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